Is your Birthday Coming Up and you are looking for a unique party for your loved one?

Are you bored of doing the same thing again n again?

You want to do something different, something memorable this year? 

When it comes to celebrating your especial one’s birthday you will think of food, the cake, the decorations and most of all about the venue!

So what are the best options available in Dubai for hosting an amazing birthday party. Here is something fresh and amazing– a delightful Dinner with us at The Royal Equestrian Club in a very beautiful place. There are lots of variations of your future birthday party.
It can be a private event, during the day – or if you have a small party. You can have a nice decoration of your choice. The Royal Equestrian Club is a perfect birthday party venue – no matter how young or old you are, no matter what type of event makes you tick.


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