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Welcome to the Royal Equestrian Club of Dubai

The Royal Equestrian Club, Dubai has gone from strength to strength, welcoming all members from local and foreign nations. We serve all ages, from beginners to advanced riders. The Club caters for a wide range of riders who enjoy the social aspect of Club membership in a friendly atmosphere. Riders will be provided guaranteed quality time with the horses and trainers which enables them to enjoy progression at their own speed, without the feel of needing to keep up with the youngsters!


The objectives of the REC, apart from overseeing the overall interests of its Members, are summarized as follows: -


  • To promote interest in equestrian sports.
  • To promote good fellowship among those interested in equestrian sports.
  • To educate, train, coach and encourage Members of the Association.
  • To do all such things and acts conducive to the progression of the members and interests of the Association